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Skate Bearings - Frequently Asked Questions

Skates and skateboards use precision bearings to enable them to run smoothly. They don’t require high precision bearings. Abec 1 precision is acceptable for skates and skateboards.

Beware of sales pitches that are embellished with technical sounding terms. You will often find that the more technical jargon that is contained in a sales pitch, the less meaningful it will be. If you don’t fully understand the jargon, don’t assume that it must mean something good.

Beware of sales pitches using excessive positive sounding adjectives, which when you think about it are really not measurable facts. By this we mean, look out for repetitive use of words like "super", "mega", "turbo", "extra", "improved", "heavy duty". Most of these phrases could legitimately be used to describe just about anything because they are not measurable qualities. A cassette player is improved when compared with a record player. An XT computer is Super Fast compared to an adding machine. Cardboard is heavy duty compared to paper. Plastic is heavy duty compared to cardboard. Steel is heavy duty compared to plastic. Is "Super Hardened" really any different to "Hardened"?

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